Breathe Easy Support Group – Keeping ourselves safe

Breathe Easy Support Group – Keeping ourselves safe
22 March 2018

The Breathe Easy COPD Support Group recently met at Café Divine, Summerset in the Orchard, Hastings with over 40 people in attendance including some from Central Hawke’s Bay and Napier. 

“Keeping Ourselves Safe” was the focus of our first session of 2018. We had presentations from Aynsley and Graeme Richards from Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Deb Potter from the Hawke’s Bay Crime Prevention team. For a number of our members, having emergency plans in place that work with their condition is so important and feeling safe and secure at home equally so.

Here are some key takeaways from these sessions.


  • Make sure you have enough operational smoke alarms (test monthly) – the new 10 year smoke alarms are being fitted free of charge by Fire & Emergency Service for those over 65 or who have a community services card in owner occupied homes.  All rental properties must have smoke alarms – contact your landlord or rental manager in the first instance.
  • Plan your emergency escape route.  Making an Escape Plan Keep low or crawl below the smoke to escape.  If you can – close any doors behind you to stop the spread of fire .
  • Get Out – Stay Out – go to a pre arranged meeting point – DO NOT RE ENTER.  Call 111 for an emergency from your cell phone or neighbours.
  • Deadlocks –  have the key in the door overnight or very close by

Crime prevention 

  • Lock doors and security doors even if you are at home or out the back. Shut all windows also if going off property.
  • Consider installing a “Beware of Dog” sign (even if you don’t have one)
  • Make sure that fencing or trees/shrubs are not providing a barrier to hide any criminal activity
  • If going away, put valuables away in a locked cupboard or elsewhere away from the bedroom
  • Have working sensor lights on the property as burglars don’t like to be visible
  • Have a notebook by the door for any unwanted visitors who may be ‘looking for a lost dog, or John who used to live there etc’  Be observant, note particulars.

The Breathe Easy Support Group meet alternate months in Napier and Hastings.  Please call Breathe Hawke’s Bay for more information , including upcoming events, on  0800 ASTHMA. (278 462).