Christine tells us what she thinks!

Christine tells us what she thinks!
29 November 2017

This year, BHB has invested in producing a series of videos that support the work we do in the community.

The fourth and final one is about what it’s like to work with us. Not only do we support those with respiratory illness but we also collaborate with others, like Public Health Nurse Christine Briasco, to try and achieve great outcomes for our community. Christine is one of the stars of our video detailing her experience collaborating with us and why she recommends our services to the schools and  early childhood centres she works with in Flaxmere and Havelock North.
“In Hawke’s Bay there are a large number of children with asthma and most of  them attend schools and preschools. Staff at schools and preschools need the knowledge to be able to respond appropriately when a child has a bout of asthma. Many children and their caregivers have not been given, or have not understood how to reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks and how to use their medications. Some of these children have not been diagnosed but show signs of asthma.  School and preschool staff who have had training from BHB nurses can promote contact with BHB so that caregivers can get free, user-friendly advice.”
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