Do you know ASTHMA first aid?

Do you know ASTHMA first aid?
07 December 2018

Martha holds one of the BHB Asthma first aid magnets we distribute to those we meet with, so that they learn and apply the steps if they find themselves in an asthma emergency.

We recently visited  Martha and her family at home for an asthma review which includes asthma education. Asthma first aid is part of the education given.

Martha is holding our BHB asthma first aid magnet that is given to families we see. It is a quick reference in the event of an asthma emergency, one of many free educational resources available.

An asthma assessment also includes a consultation with a respiratory nurse who checks your asthma control. This is done by checking the following: frequency of asthma signs and symptoms, triggers, current inhalers & medications prescribed, technique, peak flow monitoring, spirometry (lung function test), how to manage asthma symptoms and ensuring everyone has an asthma management plan.

We have a neat video that takes you through the asthma first aid steps and can be accessed through any internet capable device. This resource is particularly handy to use at home, work or school to act as a refresher and remind us how we can best manage an asthma emergency.

If you would like further information or support with your respiratory condition our nurses at Breathe Hawke’s Bay can see you at our clinic in Napier, Wairoa or Waipukurau or at a convenient venue such as home, work or school. Contact our team on 0800 ASTHMA (278 462) to book an appointment or for further enquiries.