Introducing Kathryn Ryan from MITEGUARD

Introducing Kathryn Ryan from MITEGUARD
10 September 2019

Hello, I’m Kathryn Ryan and I am proud to introduce my husband Tom and myself as the new owners of, a New Zealand made brand of 100% cotton, breathable, anti-dust mite covers for mattresses, duvets and pillows.

MiteGuard was first developed in 1994 by Richard Thorogood, a leading New Zealand Microbiologist, and was based in Auckland. We have recently relocated the company to the Hawke’s Bay, and look forward to working with our local community.

Dust mite allergy can cause symptoms such as coughing and sneezing at night, chronic rhinitis, or skin irritations like eczema, and it can also contribute to other respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD.  Products like our MiteGuard bedding covers, are a tool to help reduce exposure to those allergens in the home.

When our children were little, they struggled with different medical issues including allergies and asthma.  We are forever grateful to the asthma support nurses, the school teachers who had to watch/assess them at school, the doctors, specialists, ambulance volunteers, whanau and friends who helped us in those times.   We UNDERSTAND having asthma, allergies or respiratory disease is a struggle.

As dust-mite allergy was one of the environmental allergens that would trigger my child’s asthma, we tracked down some anti-allergy bedding, which was hard to find at the time. It was such a relief to know we could do something to help control their illness by covering the mattresses and bedding!  When we bought the MiteGuard business, we thought it would be great to be involved in a business that is NZ based and can help people with dust-mite allergy.

We empathise with dust-mite allergy & respiratory disease sufferers.  We know you need support and groups like Breathe Hawke’s Bay are a great way to start.

If you have dust-mite allergy, I hope we can help too.   You can contact us at or on 0274126521 or pick up a brochure at the Breathe Hawke’s Bay office.