Kidspace offer sweet support

Kidspace offer sweet support
10 September 2019

Local early learning centre Kidspace supported us this year in the sweetest of ways.

Kidspace on Kennedy Road in Napier have received staff education on asthma and preschool wheeze through our “Asthma Friendly” education service a number of times. We love returning to services like theirs to keep them updated and touch base with new staff too. We recommend an update for schools and preschools every two years and it’s one of the ways that we are able to build stronger relationships with our community.

This year we were lucky to be nominated by them as an organisation they would fundraise for.

Their bake sale was an incredible success raising over $600.00.

As well as staff and parent contributions of baking, Someone baked a supreme cake which they took bids for and auctioned to highest bidder. Such a sweet idea!

Thank you so much for your support Kidspace.