La-Or’s peak flow initiative leads to better management

La-Or’s peak flow initiative leads to better management
07 December 2018

La-or Lewis created and brought in her own peak flow diary for her annual asthma review with Jo at BHB.

La-Or Lewis recently had an annual asthma review with our Respiratory Nurse Educator Jo. In preparation for her review she created her own peak flow monitoring chart or diary, so she was able to show Jo important information about her asthma control over a period of time.

Measuring your peak flow using a peak flow meter (as seen in the photo with La-or) can be an important tool for managing your asthma symptoms and preventing deterioration. The peak flow meter works by measuring the speed in which air comes out of your lungs when you exhale (breathe out) forcefully. It can also help your health professional to monitor asthma control.

What are the benefits of using a peak flow meter?

  • It helps you to identify asthma symptoms and triggers
  • You can find out if your asthma treatment is having the effect that it should
  • Your peak flow diary is a record that you can show your doctor at your next visit especially if you are not as well as usual

When used with your Self-Management Plan it means that you are in control of your asthma

What do I do if my readings are down?

Ask your doctor to write you a Self-Management Plan, which tells you what to do if your readings drop and your asthma symptoms increase. If you follow your plan and your readings still keep dropping, see your doctor.

Don’t have a Self-management Plan? Want to know more information about peak flow meters and how they can help your condition management?

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