New magnets support education

New magnets support education
29 September 2017

Breathe Hawke’s Bay are grateful for the support from local business Natural Insulation, who have sponsored their new “Asthma First Aid” magnets which nurses can leave with clients to reinforce education and remind them what to do in an asthma emergency.

Sponsoring such a tool, “Just makes sense,” says Natural Insulation Director, Gerry Molloy. Through his work insulating mostly residential homes he has seen first-hand the effects a warm, dry and healthy home environment can have for those suffering from respiratory illness. “The products we use to insulate have Sensitive Choice accreditation and the blue butterfly stamp of approval,” he explains. The Sensitive Choice blue butterfly identifies products that are asthma and allergy-aware, as well as, community-conscious companies dedicated to helping those with respiratory illness and allergies create healthy personal living environments.

Breathe Hawke’s Bay plan to use the “Asthma First Aid” magnets across their services; including consultations with individuals or whānau; Asthma Friendly Schools/Early Childhood/Kōhanga resources and even as a resource for sports teams to keep handy.


Gerry’s Tips

Gerry Molloy from Natural Insulation knows how insulation can help you stay warmer, drier and healthier in your home.

Gerry has learned some tips of his own along the way and says that whenever he insulates a home with children suffering from asthma or having breathing difficulties he suggests the following to parents.

Put toys in the freezer – the bugs that cause allergies to flare up or trigger breathing difficulties love to live on toys. They can’t survive in freezing temperatures and so the toys will be healthier to play with.

 Bedding – Dust mites can trigger allergies and exacerbate respiratory conditions. When you wash your kids bedding do it on a hot wash to kill the mites. One hot wash every now and then shouldn’t affect your power bill and can help keep your family healthier.

Beware of privet – This shrub or tree can found in home gardens and popular as a hedge, is known to cause severe allergic reactions especially to those that suffer from hay fever. If you think you have privet in your garden, contact the Biosecurity Plant Pest Officers’ at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

For more information about Natural Insulation or to contact Gerry to see if their services can assist your family visit