Promoting asthma awareness to Hawke’s Bay kids

Promoting asthma awareness to Hawke’s Bay kids
07 December 2018

By Respiratory Nurse Educator Debbie Scott

Aligning with the Breathe Better September initiative from the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation of NZ, BHB bought the Sailor the Puffer Fish Show to Hawke’s Bay schools.

The show, performed by well-known personality, Chris Lam Sam relayed an important and powerful message of asthma awareness, which is at the forefront of BHB’s Asthma Friendly Schools Programme. It covers:

  • What is asthma?
  • How do we get asthma?
  • What problems it may cause in the lungs
  • What can trigger asthma?
  • What is an inhaler and spacer?
  • What to do in an emergency at school
  • How you can help others

Children were invited to  participate in the show, interacting throughout to highlight key messages.

The enthusiasm of the pupils was a delight and we thank the teachers and staff who agreed to host us and organise our audiences.

These were; Maraenui Bilingual School, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Heretaunga; Te Mahia; Wairoa College; Mahora and Waipawa Schools. Thanks for your contributions and for recognising the worth of this important kaupapa.

Our work in schools and Early Childhood Centres continues throughout the year in collaboration with our Public Health Nurse colleagues, to improve understanding of asthma and how it affects our tamariki in their daily lives, how we can improve their control of this condition so days of learning and fun activities are not missed and how we can all be prepared to support in an asthma emergency.

If you would like to receive FREE asthma management professional development for your staff contact us by email:; or phone 0800 ASTHMA(278 462).