Sharing the birthday love

Sharing the birthday love
10 September 2019

George Boraman (left) recently celebrated his 80th birthday and asked friends and family to donate to BHB instead of bringing gifts. Here he is at his party with some of his family Mick & Rhonda Thompson and Jan & Neville Ward.

George has been a chronic asthmatic his entire life, thought to be inherited from his mother’s side of the family.

While arranging the get together for his 80th birthday celebration he had decided gifts were unnecessary. It was then  friends suggested he encourage donations to a community organisation instead and that’s just what he did. The respiratory community in Hawke’s Bay got to share the birthday love with George. “If I’m going to have a celebration, it wasn’t going to just be to make me feel good,” he says.

The celebration took place at the Petone Workingmen’s Club in Wellington on a Tuesday afternoon, attended by around 60 many of who honoured George’s wish and made a donation to Breathe Hawke’s Bay in his name.

A past president of the Wellington Asthma Society and he has been a long time supporter of those with respiratory illness. He also had family connections to Asthma Hawke’s Bay and has lived locally for 15 years.

He contacted BHB to see how he could bring his plan to fruition. “I didn’t want to put people on the spot. That they could give what they could without being embarrassed.”

Breathe Hawke’s Bay were able to provide George with an online link that gave donors anonymity if they preferred and allowed for their donation to be connected back to George’s 80th birthday.

George’s thoughtfulness was a real boost for the team at Breathe Hawke’s Bay. “It was such a wonderful thing to do and an innovative way to support our work at Breathe Hawke’s Bay, says Julie Shaw Clinical Nurse Manager, any donation makes such a difference to our small organisation and benefits the local respiratory community.”

George was chuffed with the response from his friends and family, many of whom still live in Wellington and therefore do not have a strong tie to Breathe Hawke’s Bay. George sums up the occasion. “The fact that people came and enjoyed themselves and donated. It was really exciting.”

There are many ways to give to Breathe Hawke’s Bay. We welcome volunteers in our office and at our events and are set up to receive financial donations in a number of ways. Please contact us if you have an idea of how you might be able to support us to do the work we do. All ideas and contributions are greatly appreciated. Call us on 06 835 0018, email us here or drop in to visit at 199 Dickens Street, Napier.