Vaping regulation welcome

Vaping regulation welcome
10 September 2019

By Julie Shaw BHB Clinical Nurse Manager & member of the Hawke’s Bay Smokefree Coalition

Did you know that currently there is no regulation around safety standards around the sale of e-cigarettes, e-liquid or other vaping products in New Zealand?

Later this year the Government are looking at introducing legislation to regulate these products. This will include setting maximum levels of nicotine, restrictions on branding that appeal to youth and regulating the advertising of vaping products to align with other similar products.

As an organisation we support these changes especially in regards to regulating flavours and marketing that clearly appeals to youth. We are starting to read more and more research of the harm e-liquid flavours have on our airways and the uptake of e-cigarettes in our youth which can lead onto tobacco smoking.

It’s an interesting fact that tobacco companies also have a major share in the e-cigarette market. You have to question their morality and intentions.

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