Volunteering keeps the community wheels going round: Sandra Welsh

Volunteering keeps the community wheels going round: Sandra Welsh
22 March 2018

After more than 20 years in administration in the horticultural industry Sandra Welsh left to pursue other interests. This move left her with some additional time up her sleeve and she decided that putting that time into a community cause, could be the ticket. 

The mother of four grown-up children had spent hours volunteering  and supporting their interests when they were young, so knew the difference an ‘extra set of hands’ can make. “Volunteering keeps the community wheels going round. I’m fortunate that I’m able to give.”
Sandra contacted Volunteering Hawke’s Bay to find an organisation that might benefit from her skills and after a bit of a search a meeting was arranged at Breathe Hawke’s Bay (BHB). She’s been part of the team since mid-2017 and spends her Tuesday mornings in the BHB office working on administration tasks, taking the heat off our staff and freeing them up for other jobs. Her experience with office-based systems has made her a valuable resource.

Sandra finds it really interesting to hear about what BHB are doing and all the services offered to the community; something she wasn’t aware of previously.  So what keeps her coming back? What does the volunteering experience give her? “I enjoy chatting with the girls, they are a lovely group of women and so professional,” she continues, “I leave here and I feel good. Everyone is really appreciative of everything I do, even if it’s just making a cup of tea.”

Sandra’s Tip
If you’re looking to give your time to a cause, Sandra recommends finding work that you’re familiar with. “Look for opportunities that suit your strengths and come naturally. There’ll be less pressure as you don’t have so much to learn and it will help you feel at ease.”

We are always open to having volunteers come into BHB. No matter how much time you have to give or the skills you’re able to bring, we’re happy to try and help you to help us. If volunteering is something you’re interested in please call us on 0800 ASTHMA (278 462) or email admin@breathehb.co.nz