Respiratory consultations

Our respiratory nurse educators deliver consultations from our Napier clinic. We also deliver services in Wairoa and Waipukurau. Home visits can be arranged for patients for whom transport is an issue.

Our respiratory nurses will work with you to get an understanding of the current state of your condition while assessing medication and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your condition.

Whānau/family are welcome to attend consultations. This ensures that everyone is educated when it comes to understanding and supporting whoever has the respiratory condition.

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Lung function test

In some cases the respiratory nurses may carry out spirometry. This lung-function test helps identify normal and abnormal lung activity and assists with diagnosis, monitoring progress and providing information that can lead to better management of respiratory conditions.

What is Spirometry?

Spirometry or Lung Function Testing is a simple test that measures how quickly and how much air you can blow out. Spirometry is useful in diagnosing and managing lung disease especially for measuring and monitoring asthma and chronic pulmonary lung disease (COPD). It is recommended to have regular testing if you have a lung disease.

Having a spirometry test is straightforward. The test involves you taking a full breath in and blowing out as hard and fast as you can into a tube attached to the spirometry machine. The test is performed sitting down.

Our Breathe Hawke’s Bay team of nurses can carry out this test as part of a respiratory assessment. These take 45mins – 1hr.

You may be required to do a pre and post spirometry test. This entails you taking a reliever inhaler such as Salbutamol (Ventolin, Respigen, Salair) so we can measure how well it works for you. You will be asked not to take your usual reliever medication for a few hours prior to the test so we can get an accurate reading.

COPD Breathe Easy Support Group

Breathe Hawke’s Bay facilitates support groups held the last Wednesday of every month (except January) alternating between Hastings and Napier.

These informal get-togethers are for those with COPD, or any respiratory condition, and their carers. Each meeting features a guest speaker.

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Other help we offer to individuals

Swimming/Exercise Subsidies: A healthy, active lifestyle can help manage a respiratory condition. Our swimming and exercise subsidies are available to Hawke’s Bay children/tamariki across a range of physical activities. There are also subsidies available for adults. Conditions apply

Spacers: Did you know you can request a spacer free of charge from your GP? Breathe Hawke’s Bay also has a limited supply of spacers available.


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