Asthma and other respiratory diseases affect New Zealanders of all ages and all walks of life

Breathe Hawke's Bay educators will come to your early childhood centre, Kōhanga, school or workplace to raise awareness and teach people of all ages how to help someone experiencing acute or chronic respiratory diseases.

Boosting confidence and ensuring those caring for our children are equipped to manage an asthma first aid situation, our respiratory nurse educators visit schools, early childhood centres or kōhanga and deliver free education and advice to staff.

Asthma Education in schools and workplaces:

30-60 minutes sessions to educate your staff about asthma

These informal sessions cover:

Asthma signs – what to look out for
Asthma triggers – what sets off asthma
Asthma management/first aid – Up to date procedures for dealing with an attack and administering medication
Asthma resources – an information pack for staff to refer to in the future

Contact us to find out more information about programmes for organisations and make a booking.

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For Primary Schools

Asthma Friendly School programme

From a local Principal….. “Everyone needs to know what to do in an asthma emergency. The school has put a number of measures in place including individual medication set-ups in our sick-bay area and amended our enrolment form to specifically identify asthmatic tamariki. We’re then able to pass this onto the Public Health team.”

Wheeze friendly pre-schools

Our nurse educators explain to staff about the causes of wheeze in under 5s and provide them with resources for identifying and managing respiratory conditions in young children.

Asthma rates in our children

Each year 26,000 of our tamariki are admitted to hospital due to asthma. Māori and Pasfika children are more likely to be affected than other ethnicities, and socio-economics also plays a role in asthma frequency rates.




For Employers

1 in 6 people in Aotearoa currently live with a respiratory condition. Divide your team by 6 and you will quickly understand why it’s important for employers to have basic, respiratory emergency knowledge and training.

Our respiratory nurses can come into Hawke’s Bay workplaces and educate your team on respiratory first aid and preparedness.
We can deliver on-site consultations for staff. Some conditions may apply.

Asthma Friendly Sports Clubs

We want to ensure that asthma does not stop anyone in Hawke’s Bay from participating in sport or physical activity. Physical activity and overall good health is important in respiratory health management.

The Asthma Friendly Sports Clubs (AFSC) programme provides:

Free education session – approximately 30 minutes at a time convenient to the Club, covering:

What happens to the airways in asthma (anatomy and physiology)
Asthma signs and symptoms
Asthma triggers
Asthma First Aid

Practical resource pack  including:

Resource book containing information matching education session
Asthma First Aid Magnet

Professional development opportunities for other health professionals

Breathe Hawke’s Bay  respiratory nurse educators can provide mentoring and professional development to other nurses and health professionals. Contact us now for more information.

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